Chapter Two: Far side of the Lake

We landed, and we were taken out as carefully as we were put in. As we stood on the dock, more strangeness. Dave took off his belt. It was a thick leather belt with three rows of closely spaced holes all up and down it. He faced me away from him, looped the belt around my elbows, and pulled it tight. He was slowly pulling my elbows together behind me. I'm double jointed, so he got them pretty close before I grunted alarm and resisted, then he fastened the buckle. Now I was really tied. My bosoms were pressing out hard against my swimsuit and T-shirt. I looked down, and, yes, my nipples had popped. I was so embarrassed. But what could I do?

We were lead off the dock and in the shadows was a white van. Beside it was a man, a big, older man, as best I could tell, but it was really dark. Then he spoke I was sure he was old.

"Well done, boys!" I heard him say quietly as our procession reached him. "Any problems?"

"Not a one." said one of the boys.

"OK. Line them up, let me check their bonds, and then help them in the van." he said.

We were lined up close, side-by-side. The old man took us one at a time and checked how we were tied. With each girl he examined the tie on their wrist, then took off the belt saying, "Good, put her in the van and tie her legs with the belt." Earl and Dave were escorting me. The line of girls was moving along quickly. My turn came.

The man was old, but he had incredible hands. He turned me around, felt my gag, felt my face -- which I hadn't noticed him do to the others -- felt my shoulders and arms, then redid my wrists. It was the same cloth, but what a difference. Now the cloth circled both my wrists, and joined them at only a single point. I could move my wrists to any angle with each other but they were still held together. It was comfortable, and very effective. I felt I was really tied forever if I couldn't reach the knot -- that I would try later.

Earl took me over to the van and tied my knees with the belt. He looked like he wanted to kiss me, but with a dozen girls watching, another waiting behind, and my mouth gagged, he wasn't about to.

I shuffled in to make room for the next girl. We were all shuffling a lot, we were all sitting sideways, first one way, then the other, and moving forward in the van as girls were added at the rear door. It was getting pretty crowded in that van with all nine of us girls trying to fit. Finally I had a moment to look forward, and I gasped through my gag. There at the front, just behind the driver's seat, was a woman, not a girl, dressed in white, bound and gagged like the rest of us. It was, I think, Miss McLaughlin. She'd joined us at last.

Soon we were all in. The old man took one last look at us from the rear door, smiled as if he enjoyed what he saw, and slammed the door. We must have made quite a sight, nine maidens... no, ten maidens (Miss McLaughlin) in a row all bound hand and foot, and gagged.

He said something to the boys I couldn't hear, got up front and drove us off quietly. This was a panel van, no windows. There was no way for us to look out, and no way for anyone else to look in.

"I told the boys I'd get you back in ten minutes." he said.