Chapter Twelve: Epilog

... I was awake. I could tell I was somewhere different. I weighed differently. At first I thought I was still in the coffin, but I could move my arms... I was in mud! Warm mud! I sat up, and got dizzy instantly. I heard voices and someone came over to me. There was something on my face... a cloth.

"Lay down again, dear." the voice said. "Over here, ladies!" she said. She helped me lay back down, and then there were lots of people around me, rubbing me, giving me a mud bath massage.

"You've been on a long journey, and this will help you recover your strength." the voice said.

I leaned back and took the massage. My head was clearing.

I heard a child run up, "Mommy, is she one of the new ones?"

"Yes, dear. She's one of the new ones. She will help us make our world."

I relaxed even more. Whatever came next, it would be "as advertised."

-- The End --