Chapter Six: Our new mission in life

"All right, ladies, gather round, and sit down." He said. We did. A few sat cross-legged, the rest of us with our legs folded to one side.

"You have all now been introduced on how to approach me, and some of you may have noticed that Suzanne seems to know a bit more than you. She has been to the new world, and has come back to assist me in bringing you ladies to it. So, if she seems to know a bit more than you do about what's going on, it's because she does. Other than that, as she has been telling you, she is your equal.

"Your new world is about two things: buildings and babies. You will be building your place in this world, literally, and you will be populating it. Now let me ask you: does anyone know how many people it takes to start populating a new world?"

"That's easy: two." said Nancy. Some of us giggled a bit.

The man smiled, "The quick and easy answer. Raise your hand if you think it's true." The man held his hand up momentarily, then dropped it. I raised my hand, and all but two of the other girls did: Suzanne and Jeannie. The man pointed at Jeannie. "What do you think?"

Jeannie looked a little flushed and said, "I read an article that said it would take at least ten couples to start a new world. Any less than that and inbreeding would bring too much sterility."

"Jeannie read that?" I thought. I didn't know she was into science. And .... Wow! No Adam and Eve.

"Very good." said the man, "So, ladies, due to the peculiarity of my alien support, we have a world with one male. Given one male, how many females will we need to keep the gene pool well-mixed?"

"... at least twenty?" said Alma.

The man spread his hands out towards all of us. "You are not the first to go to this new world, and you will not be alone when you get there.

"This is why you must learn some of the rules before you get there. On our new world, I'm a busy man. And, while your children many be monogamous, you will not be. I'm getting to know you all now, because the next three days, while it may not look like it, is a chance for 'quality time.'

"Suzanne came along because she wanted that quality time, and to get pregnant. I'm happy to report, we have been successful at both." Suzanne gave him a little hug.

"However, I will not be impregnating any of you on this journey. This will be a touchy feely time, but not a screwy dewy time. You have too much to absorb about how to live on your new world before you get distracted with maternity challenges. I will be back to you, "firing for effect", after you have acclimated to the new world."

"For now, I'm going to let Suzanne tell you a little more about the world you are going to."

Suzanne took a half step forward so she was a little in front of the man. Her wavy red hair looked lucious and shining in this light, and it fell to the bottoms of her breasts. While she talked the man idly moved his hand around her back and legs. She seemed to take no notice, as if it was something she expected, and enjoyed.

"Ladies, you are moving into a matriarchy. Our man here... while he is very busy... doesn't stay busy directing day-to-day affairs. We ladies do that.

"When you arrive, you will be part of a social group that is doing something very significant: building a world. You will be expected to pull your weight, and your reward will be lots of children who will honor you as a world founder."

About this time, the man's hand slid between Suzanne's legs and poked out front in her crotch. But, rather than grab for her crotch, it acted like a little hand puppet. It looked around and it waved at us... In a moment we were all laughing and pointing like eight-year olds watching a clown at a birthday party.

Suzanne was flabbergasted. She rolled her eyes and looked around like she was a teacher dealing with a child who had just climbed on a desk in her class at school. She slapped at the hand a couple times, then turned around and slapped his face lightly. He immediately grabbed her hair with his free hand and pulled her to him for a kiss. She relaxed in his embrace; enjoyed the kiss, and in a few seconds the clowning was over. She stood up in front of us again and told us more about the specifics while the man sat patiently.

It was nice that he did clowning. This was heavy stuff Suzanne was talking about, and it showed that she and this man could have fun, even while they were being serious. I felt a lot better.

The next leg was going to take about four hours of walking, and we would be tied while we did it. It was likely that our feet were going to be wrecks by the time we got through. We spent the rest of the afternoon resting and learning how to wrestle. It turned out the man liked to watch us wrestle. Oh, Jill and Lorrie got untied after Suzanne's talk. Jill still had a real sour look on her face, and I worry about her.