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New section: Visions of 2050

Roger Bourke White Jr.

The Importance of Delusion in Education -- there's a lot of delusion in classrooms. This is about why and what to do about it (Dec 15)

Tattoos and T-Shirts applied to Marriage -- marriage is changing, this describes how (Dec 15)

What's the New Way to Prosperity? -- Industrializing has had its day. What's the new way to become prosperous? (Nov 15)

The Frictionless Economy versus The Curse of Being Important -- letting innovation happen in our "important" activities as well as our mundane ones (Nov 15)

Domesticating humans as well as animals -- breeding, and learning who to cooperate with, and who to betray (Sep 15)

Explaining The Time of Nutcases -- The Time of Nutcases is an expression I use regularly. This is what I mean by it. (Aug 15)

The Importance of the Wedding "Event" to Women -- think about who remembers anniversaries (Aug 15)

The Temptations of The Slippery Slope -- Why Greece is where it is now (Jul 15)

ISIS: The "movie Nazis" for 21st century story telling -- they are doing it right to become the villains in future story telling (Apr 15)

Getting the right government form -- democracy is not always the right choice (Apr 15)

Central Planning versus Free Markets -- which environments favor each? (Mar 15)

Blame "Them" -- it is comfortable thinking, but not problem solving thinking (Feb 15)

Thoughts on rape -- the scariness is overrated (Jan 15)