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Visions of 2051 Outline

by Roger Bourke White Jr., started February 2017


This is a list of collected essays I have written about what things are going to be like in the 2050's. In my upcoming Visions of 2051 book these will be mixed with stories about people living in this environment.

This is hard core Technofiction -- Roger's style of writing science fiction.

What this is about

At the core of this book is wearables and how they will change how we live and how we think. I envision three generations of wearables: First is what we are experiencing in the 2010's which is simply measuring easy-to-measure human functions such as heart beats and walking steps, Second measures more subtle activities such as blood sugar and also controls drug levels, and Third both measures and controls things as subtle as hormone levels and simple-to-detect-and-stimulate emotion controlling neurons in the brain and body. With the third generation wearables emotional thinking such as fear and love will become controllable. (Analytic and conscious thinking will still be beyond this style of control. They are too quick and subtle.)

On the social side this book will continue to explore the Total Entitlement State (TES) and how that will be changing how we live and how we think. The core of the TES will be two classes of people: the Necessity class and the Ambitious class. The Necessity folk will be enjoying life fully but not having much effect on material prosperity -- cyber controlled automation will be handling that. The Ambitious folk will be working with cyber to keep improving what is included in the prosperity and how efficiently the prosperity is created. In sum, two very different styles of living.

What follows are: story notes, links to stories, essay notes and links to essays.


Let's see... What are some everyday experiences of 2050 that will make interesting stories? And then some interesting ones beyond every day...

o Bunch of ideas -- Other coming of age rituals. New frontiers: living above Venus in balloons, cyber exploring places too hostile for humans -- deep space, deep ocean. (I need to invent some space commerce ideas. <sigh>)

o DIY gene editing -- I envision that gene editing is going to be subject to Moore's Law -- the price and difficulty of doing this will drop steadily and constantly -- so this protagonist is not going to be some kind of genius scientist in a mad scientist's lab. It's going to be a bright, ambitious kid/girl working out of home with low cost equipment and getting assistance from their cyber muse and a gene editing club they are part of.

This DIY activity will be gene editing centering on prokaryotes, viruses and newly developed cell-less living masses -- not on plants and animals. These new forms can be wild and wooly at the microscopic level. They can make interesting kinds of materials through interesting new chemistry. And they are much simpler to manipulate than the complex organisms that plants and animals are. Enhancing conventional breeding techniques will be at the center of plant and animal manipulation, and agribusiness will be the center of this activity.

Who's going to get into this, as in, the protagonist doing the messing around, and what is their character arc? What will they aspire to? What will they accomplish? Who will be the companions watching and commenting? Who will be the prescriptionists shouting warnings? Who will be the antagonist?

Protagonist is making [X] but the process is really innovative and really delicate. So delicate that when it gets contaminated it gets ruined -- has to start over. The moral: Mother Nature's solutions are sure a lot more robust than what he/she is using! But if he succeeds then a whole new style of chemical compound will be created, and quickly and cheaply. This will have neat applications. He researches for ways to help his project in many ways [these are 2050's ways of researching -- online, cyber muse, clubs] and finds some newly created techniques what will help out on his project.

o Friction in a baby club -- This will be a montage of stories exploring how baby club communities function. [see outline2 and Child Champs for ideas I already have] What raising practices are OK? How much do they vary from club to club? How do boy/girl friends get treated? (who is considered a moocher or molester?) What to spend club money/resources on? Example: Should a thriving/declining club move? What new equipment to add? What will panic club members?

o Using wearables for excelling at cosplay, sports and entertainment -- these will be common aspirations for urban legend educated. Big issue in sports: crossing the line. Will such an issue come up in entertainment too? What would be crossing the line in entertainment? Too much risk, as in, high wire with enhancement but without a net? Too much enhancement, as in, my inner robot is playing the guitar, not me? Too many gigs?

o Trying to get a job with urban legend education -- and related, what to do other than a job for social status recognition? (sports and entertainment) What kind of work? (what is flipping burger equivalent, since robots will be flipping burgers) What kind of companies and organizations? (dilettante, government, charity, others?) What will friends and cyber muse be thinking about this aspiration? Can this become entrepreneurial and therefore more acceptable? As in, genius Jobs/Gates dropping out of school?

o High school romance -- Who is going to high school? Who is staying home and doing AR/VR studies in their parent's basement? How is socializing, like dances, being handled? How about sports? What are coming of age in high school rituals? How to get into romance if you're a teenage stay-at-home parent's basement dweller? Some kinds of nightclubs for such folk?

o Space tourism -- What will be a coming evolution of cruise ship-style tourism? A domed city on the Moon, it is popular just because it is so science fictiony. It will feel like Tomorrowland at Disneyland, and that will be the whole purpose for having it. Oh, there will be talk about supporting some science research, but that's because that is part of the Tomorrowland theme. And the Necessity Folk will be protesting for some "rights" to go there, as they have rights to go to Disneyland. Waiting in line to get such a right will feel OK, just like waiting in line feels OK at Disneyland today.

What will Mars support? What will Venus support? What will asteroids support? Asteroids will be the easist to visit because of the low gravity well. Venus the toughest because it will be a floating city, not a structure on the surface. The surface will be even rougher to visit.

Where will "hard core" ambitious class tourists go? As in, what will be an exotic vacation for them? When does visiting the Moon get "ho-hum"? Will they want to go beyond Mars? Will there be any space commerce to speak of? Related: Any reason to put in a Space Elevator?

o A soldier story. One with formal soldiers covered by drones on one side, and informal terrorist-style soldiers hiding among civilians on the other. Any conflict conditions where both can act like out-and-out soldiers? It will be a strange situation. It will be a proxy war. Perhaps in New Guinea? Modernizers versus traditionalist hill people? Modernizers trying to switch to TES? The hill people seeing betrayal, getting help from whom?

Related insight: It seems that the ergonomics of combat during World War Two are the most compatible with enjoying gun-based combat. This was a time when people still personally aimed guns (on the ground and in combat aircraft) and got to shoot lots of bullets as machine guns. The comfort of this shooting style is why we still see the bad guys in Hollywood action movies walking and shooting machine guns with long bursts of fire. And the radios were comfortable too -- we got "over and out" lingo. The more modern equipment is so automated there isn't much left for people to do.

o Social shaming story. -- Social shaming will be big again. Something based on today's hyper-feminism trend. What else? Something tender skinned? Likely trend: Being too prescriptionist and getting away with it because of Tender Snowflakism child raising. Lots of gossipers who have social-based teeth, and use them. Town Without Pity theme.

o more Wise Old Man stories -- moving an experienced mind into a new, young body.

This can be a rich man's hobby. This means an early story will be of him/her inhabiting a clone of their own body. One issue: is it purely original or enhanced? Enhanced, of course, but how much and in which ways? How can this bite him back?

What benefits will he/she experience? Such as, meeting for-real new interesting girls, not cyber girls (don't need to be young for those). Also need need the young body for extreme party-hearty. What else? Not booze, wearables are doing that.

Are there situations where the community gets a lot benefit? Are the benefits obvious enough that the community pays to get the wise old man inserted? Do they sometimes do this against his/her will? What leverage do they have if they do?

How do avatars relate to wise old man stories and experiences? When will an avatar be suitable instead of a young body? The avatar can happen quickly. There is a crisis, a body is being grown, but the old man is put into an avatar in the meantime because the crisis can't wait.

Changing gender for the next young body experience. What else? Getting in some kind of animal body? Umm... hard to match human thinking with animal brain structure. How about: instead of an animal an enhanced super human body. Then the question is why an old man mind instead of a next generation cyber mind?

A story of a wise old man becoming the body of a child living in a North Korean-style dystopia. What does he do? What if "he" takes over the body of a girl child, and experiences lots of sex abuse as well as other kinds. How can he respond cleverly, and in ways that won't get him beaten up some more, or even killed for being some kind of infiltrating traitor? What can he do to end/diminish the dystopia?

o Can I come up with another Super Spy Weekend surprise satire? Something involving Tattoos and T-Shirts style marriage? Really fancy, really showy, ritual is important. What's the objective? Who will be impressed?

o Real big challenge: an Agatha Christy-like mystery in a world of pervasive surveillance. Even more so with pervasive wearables monitoring people's health real time.


Written (30,452 words)

o Study Hearty or Party Hearty? -- coming of age in the college environment (2825)

o Megan's Party Time -- a TES young woman is going through her daily routine and meets an attractive older guy at her night club. What is going to keep her from getting ambitious? One inspiration is The Devil wears Prada where the protagonist gives up on ambition to keep her existing friends. (4735)

o Baby Club -- a woman decides it is time and is now picking a baby club (6137)

o Home or Club? -- a stay-at-home teenage boy impulsively falls in love and decides to have a baby (2400)

o Wise Old Man -- JC version is about Jesus being a wise old man in the 2050's sense. (1031)

o Hard Times -- more on a cyber-induced recession to stop a populist ruler from ruining the country. (6823)

o The Princess, The Fly, and City Hall -- disabled person helping around city hall (2600)

o He's the One? -- romance with wearables, deciding he is right before turning on the wearable (3726)



Written (29,800 words)

o Cosplay -- growing in enthusiasts and elaborateness (350)

o Robot Companions -- companionship without maintenance, mess and tragedy (600)

o Food Production -- very different in 2050 (900)

o Gaming the system in 2050 -- it will still be around, but done differently (400)

o Achieving new states of consciousness -- a surprise use of AI (410)

o Baby Clubs -- what baby clubs will be like (770)

o Wearables and Personal Performance Enhancement -- what 2nd generation wearables will be like (900)

o Health Care -- it will be real different (1020)

o Recreational Mind Altering -- it will flower in lots of new ways (880)

o Dissent and Social Shaming -- these will be steadily evolving (730)

o Coming of Age Rituals -- what will these be in TES communities? (600)

o Self-abuse in TES -- how to abuse and how to shame (500)

o Education and Ambition -- urban legend, cyber teaching and wearables (850)

o Updating hardware and software -- the ongoing crisis will continue (250)

o Social Shaming in TES -- big changes coming in how we shame and what we shame (1130)

o The Shopping Experience in TES -- thanks to smart advertising and cyber teaching home economics this is going to be real different (430)

o Ambitious class mind-tripping -- mixing wearables and exotic vacations (680)

o Politicians in TES -- what will concern them and how will taxes change? (1100)

o TES and Charity -- still lots of giving (245)

o Androgyny and Wearables -- avoiding unrequited love (490)

o Legal Systems -- dispute resolution and entertainment

o Thinking in TES -- what will thinking be like in the various TES environments? (1788)

o Classes in TES -- Necessity, Ambitious, Shaming, Nomads, others (1268)

o paycheck to paycheck living -- the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle in TES (2749)

o Money in TES -- Necessity, Luxury, Investing money in the 2050's (1070)

o Immigration and TES -- Lots less because less economic motivation, but still the exploring instinct. (713)

o The Paralympics (or Special Olympics) evolve into the Paralympics Plus or Extra Special Olympics in which the competitors are using lots of augmenting paraphernalia. (426)

o Enfranchisement in TES -- how to keep humans invested in being good community members, not disrupters of various sorts such as gangsters. (1070)

o Wearables and Us versus Them -- using wearables to modify this instinct (904)

o Wearables and fear -- mild altering, plus airports, NIMBY, when familiar activities are transformed into strange ones. (in wearables) (1411)

o Gene editing by everyone -- Gene editing tools are getting more numerous, diverse and cheaper. (1187)

o Preppers in 2050 -- The instinct to build a place to hunker down during the coming apocalypse is strong in some people. It's not going away. (547)

o Mixing Romance and Wearables -- twist a dial to fall in love, or out of love (1776)

o Leisure time -- how this will be experienced (1145)

o Warfare -- how this will be conducted (650)



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